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Church: Sunday 10:00AM in the white church

Church School: Sunday 10:00AM

On the first Sunday of the month, children from K-7 start in the stone church. On the other Sundays, children start in the white church and go to church school after a lesson from the Director of Religious Education.

Childcare: Sunday 9:45AM - 11:30 downstairs in Parish House (stone church)

About Us

We are a community church with a covenant relationship with the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.  Both of these churches promote church polity, which means that self-government and self-determination form the foundation of what we do and how we do it.

Our members and friends come from more than 25 different denominations and religious traditions—as well as from no tradition at all.   Accordingly, denominational labels are less expressive of our identity than our goal and purpose of responding to the needs and reflecting the aspirations of our congregation and community.

To this end, our essential characteristic is a deep respect for our own and other religious traditions, which informs our choice of prayers, the words we elect to use, the hymns we sing, the rituals we celebrate, the study groups we form.

We represent varied and vocal opinions on spirituality, ethics, politics, and social responsibility. For example, we choose to give a significant portion (approximately 20%) of our annual budget to outreach, which is given to a variety of social projects for local, national and international causes researched and carefully chosen by our Outreach Committee. We also roll up our sleeves and perform service projects, as well as actively support the initiatives of our Faith in Action groups.

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