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Church: Sunday 10:00AM in the white church

Church School: Sunday 10:00AM

On the first Sunday of the month, children from K-7 start in the stone church. On the other Sundays, children start in the white church and go to church school after a lesson from the Director of Religious Education.

Childcare: Sunday 9:45AM - 11:30 downstairs in Parish House (stone church)

Adult Education

From September to June, programs for adults are offered ranging from book discussion groups to small groups to Bible studies to issue oriented seminars.

Information on scheduled programs will be included on this page.

Living Through Life’s Big Questions

What do you wonder about? What are the biggest spiritual questions in your life?

Come prepared on the first night to discuss your spiritual journey and share a little about which spiritual questions are most alive for you right now. Together the group will decide on three “Big Questions” to focus on for the remaining sessions. The facilitator will simply provide some theological resources to get the conversation going and we will explore the questions together. In addition, we will engage in a spiritual practice of inquiry as a way to live with the mystery and sit with life’s big questions.

Session 1- Our Spiritual Journeys (April 1)
Session 2- Big Question #1 (April 8)
Session 3- Big Question #2 (April 15)
Session 4- Big Question #3 (April 29)

We will meet Tuesday evenings in April at 7 p.m. in the Garrison Room. Contact me at 781-259-8118 ext. 13 or rebeccahinds@ for more information.
— Rebecca