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March 23, 2014 – S. Snell

Today I say a prayer for the animals.
A prayer asking that we may open our hearts to them in the same way they have to us.

Animals are truly amazing.
They have an ability to see past our superficial human view of beauty,
And instead judge us on our inner beauty.
A dog doesn’t care if you have blond hair or brown,
In fact they can’t really even tell,
They care more if you are willing to share your love and joy with them,
And of course if you are able to give a superb tummy rub.
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March 9, 2014 – T. Harwood

We pray in thanksgiving
that winter’s grip has been broken,
even if Spring is not yet here
it is surely coming.

In this season of change,
of creation and reflection,
we pray for the strength and good sense
to take heed of the ways we short-change
our lives of their share of glory and travail,
and turn away from selfishness and fear;
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March 2, 2014 – T. Harwood

When we were young, my sister taught me
to say “rabbits” first thing each month for luck.
I say it still in thanksgiving for the gift of time,
the mystery in which we live, like fish in a stream.

And though like the fish we cannot know
the high places our river sprang up,
or the sea where it ends, we pray
in celebration of our great and terrible gift,
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February 16, 2014 – J. Mansfield

We have been watching the Olympians. They are young, brave, disciplined, and beautiful. Imagine hurtling down a ski jump track, then soaring, leaving gravity behind, concentrating totally on perfection of form, and then feeling weight returning ,descending to the moment of successful balanced landing or disaster. We are mesmerized by the snowboarders and freestyle skiers tumbling and twisting in total precision far above the ground, the downhill racers, luge, and skeleton absorbed by speed, risk and control, and the skaters dancing on ice and spinning in the air.
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February 2, 2014 – J. Mansfield

Ground hog day

We are drifting in the sea of winter. Sometimes it is bitingly cold. Sometimes the sky is royal blue, and the woods are sparkling. Sometimes the days are warmer: bright or gray and muddy. At times we are restless and discontented. We are unhappy listening to the news telling us stories of humans arguing, fighting, and being cruel or indifferent to those they see as being not from their own tribe.

The animals endure the cold patiently. The birds are fluffed up around the feeder relishing the seeds.
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December 15, 2013 – J. Casarella

Spirit of life

I see you out the window in the black branches swaying against the pearl grey sky

We are meant to stay tucked in this morning under a wet white blanket
but in our determination to go go go, do do do we are out shoveling, scraping, sanding ,
and rescheduling,
while our feet and tires and patience slip out from under us
and we land on our backsides facing up at you in humility
forgive us our determination to never let go,
of our plans, our pride, our greed and our rightness.
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December 1, 2013 – J. Casarella

Spirit of Life,  We begin our advent prayers today.
Forgive us that we love Christmas  too much,
Sparkle shine and jingle will soon overtake us
But what I love most are nativity sets,
Little Christmas stories in plastic, painted ceramic, paper or carved wood, play mobile and even Lego.
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November 17, 2013 – C. Campo

As the holiday season begins let’s be mindful that not everyone will be experiencing happy holidays.

As the many prayers over the year will attest to,
we know that for some this will be their first holiday season without someone they love.

Or maybe it isn’t a death; it could be their first holiday season
without a job, without a spouse,
or without their child who has moved away.  
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November 3, 2013 – I. Nebel

God It is November and we are looking at the light
The way a sailor stares at the receding shore.
Suddenly there’s an urgency to love, now
That we know it is the only thing that lasts.

We are quieting ourselves to find comfort
Instead of fear inside the darkening days.
You will be beside us, we will persevere.
I forgot to ask You for help last week,
Yet the impossible and complicated world
Became possible, and more clear
As each leaf fell toward the humbled earth.

Summer didn’t cry out in pain or self-pity
As it waned, and was forgotten. There’s dignity
The way it lingered long enough to show us
That what we had, we have not really lost.
That everything can be transformed. The sun
Goes to give its light elsewhere more brightly
And then comes back, to render us eternal.

How kind You are to wait like this for me.
God, make me more like Your first dream
Of me. When I become that, I will love
Your other children the way You do, blindly,
Fiercely. With Your hand of cold wind to sweep
Away all that is between us, You will keep
Us close to Your heart by bringing us together,
And we will be warm, all throughout November.