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June 8, 2014 – K. Woll

Loving Spirit,
Let us all linger in the borderland of hello and goodbye;
dancing between light and shadow,
holding on and letting go.

Together we breathe-in peace;
allowing ourselves to be fully present in this moment, in this sanctuary, in this Tribe.
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May 25, 2014 – R. Shepard

Dear Lord, as this belated but beautiful spring folds into summer
We prepare to scatter like so many dandelion puffs
Yet we pause
To give thanks to our veterans and their love ones
Who served with and without our blessings
From Bunker Hill to Pearl Harbor
From Gettysburg to Verdun
From Khe Sanh to Afghanistan
We honor their sacrifice
And shut out the blaring horns of Memorial Day Sales
That discount the honor we owe
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May 11, 2014 – A. Jette Borggaard

Dear God,

On this Mother’s Day, the flowers and chocolate belie the gentle ferocity of spirit mothering requires
Give strength especially to expectant and new mothers – their responsibility and vulnerability is vast
Let their partners, family, friends, and helpers embrace their own sacred duty as they support the guardians of new life
Thank you for the everyday miracle of birth which can expand our heart so far beyond its imagined capacity
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May 4, 2014 – A. Jette Borggaard

Thank you for the slowness of this spring’s greening
We felt the chilly mist under dark clouds as soft showers nurtured the daffodils and red buds
After a difficult winter, this abundant, gentle rain was a grace letting us enjoy Spring’s loveliness
longer than usual
These bursts of beauty remind us of our own impermanence
Help us live our lives consciously with an ear cocked to hear the rapidity of time’s passage
How do we pay attention to the divinity surrounding us amidst our practical distractions?
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April 27, 2014 – A. Clark

Dear Lord,

We pray that we may remember, and in doing so celebrate.

That we may remember how it feels to be amazed and awestruck, to feel each particular things as fresh and marvelous, and to want to proclaim our amazement to the world. Like children excitedly calling out ‘look look’, and like the disciples standing at the mouth of the cave, with the rock rolled away, their eyes wide and their jaws agape.

We pray that we may always remember the profound inevitability of our death, that we may reflect upon our own graves, and in doing so somehow become more alive today, seeking to live each day as if it were our very last.
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April 20, 2014 – Easter Sunday, S. Johnson

God of many names, we give thanks for this clear windowed space where the dark night of the soul gives way to Easter’s light, the warmth of spring, the miracle of rebirth.

We emerge from the darkness like overslept groundhogs, rubbing our eyes, hopeful, but not quite sure the fickle fates of winter are yet done with us.

As we roll back our stones we take strength from the gathering light. The angel in the tomb speaks with words of gladness, and she speaks to believers and skeptics alike.
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April 13, 2014 – A. Clark

Dear Lord,

Somehow it is spring for real, and the sunlight has become gentle and comforting again,
and we can marvel at the audacity of the crocuses launching themselves into an unknown
world above ground. We pray, oh Lord, to have courage like the crocuses. To stick out
our little necks and unfurl ourselves in some imperfect way and hope that we can be just
a tiny bit glorious for a while.

On this idyllic and nearly perfect Sunday morning we pray to remain grateful for all
that we have around us- family and friends, safety and serenity, abundance and beauty.
Please oh Lord help us to also remember those persons whose glory has been stepped on;
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April 6, 2014 – R. Shepard

Lord, here we are again
A change of seasons
A time of pause
Between Final Four Madness
Sap to syrup
Sand on our streets; sand on the beach
A time when we are once again
Amazed by nature’s renewal
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March 30, 2014 – K. Woll

Dear Lord, Thank you for your presence here this morning.  Help us all to find some laughter and light in our hearts.  Help us to remember that this moment, right now is the moment that matters.  Guide us to use the light to stay balanced; to tend to the important over the urgent and to have enough left over to be patient, kind and gentle. Amen