Given Nathan Detering
on Christmas Eve

Now is the time in our service when we are invited

To close our eyes to the light and motion around us

And open the door of our hearts to the voice that speaks
quietly of the needs we have,

And thanks we give, and the blessings we receive.

We come here tonight to sing our songs of celebration

And to uncover the light that burns within us
and in our world

in both the day times and the dark times,

in both the broken times and in the times that are whole.

God you are with us in the fields we stand watch in,

In the stars we follow,

In the ways we are angels to each other

And in the new life that is born to us every minute
of every day of this earth’s time.

Tonight we sing joy to the world that your
mystery is all around.

So hear us when we tell you that we know we are
a blessed people here.

Under this sky ours is a silent night,

A holy night

And there is a heavenly peace in many of our lives
because the gifts we have are many

And the love that surrounds us is strong.

But we also know that in other parts of the world,

And even for some of us here,

This night is cracked with the noise of sorrow,

And of war,

And the voice of loved ones lost.

For these places and these people we ask that
every one of our hearts prepare for them a room

Where heaven and nature sing the sounding joy

Of all that is hopeful and full of promise in this life.

Come, let us adore each other,

All of us who are faithful and triumphant.

Come, let us adore each other,

All of us who have doubts and feel defeated.

Let us sing together in exultation

About the glory of all that is highest and
most lovely in our world.

And when our songs are over,

And when we have returned home to the
Christmas Eve of our own,

May we know, if only for a time,

That all is calm tonight and all is bright.

All is calm.

All is bright.


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