First Parish Celebrates Passover

Passover celebrates the foundational story of Judaism – the release of Jews from captivity in Egypt that is depicted in Exodus.   The spiritual themes of Passover remain central to the spiritual themes of Christianity and Unitarian Universalism, and are very much a part of the spiritual life of the First Parish in Lincoln.  This year, we will celebrate Passover with multigenerational religious education and a Seder meal.

Individuals and families are invited to join Rabbi Ma’ayan Sands and Ministerial Internal Mandy Beal for an exploration of the “Common Themes of Passover.”  We’ll spend time with all ages together, as well as time with our age peers for deeper learning.  Classes will be fun and interactive, but best suited for people over the age of 5.  The schedule of classes is as follows:

  • March 22 1:00-2:30 “Identity and Memory”
  • March 29 1:00-2:30 “Liberation and Redemption”

Our entire church community is also invited to join in a family Seder service and meal on Wednesday, April 5 at 6:00pm!  Our Seder will have the elements of a traditional family Haggadah and a meal of hummus and tabbouleh.  It will be very participatory and feature activities for everyone in the family.  Participation in the “Common Themes of Passover” classes before the Seder is not required, but recommended.

RSVPs are requested (and very important for planning).  Please send any questions and RSVPs to Mandy by emailing or calling 857-208-3482.