Church School

The purpose of the Church School is to provide a religious home and learning environment for the children of The First Parish.  We seek to nurture their religious growth and to help them learn about themselves and their place in the world as religious persons.  Our curriculum familiarizes the children with Judeo-Christian teachings and with the liberal religious traditions here at The First Parish. We also emphasize respect for the many varieties of religious experience and practice throughout the world.  In our sanctuary and in Children’s Chapel, children learn the language of worship, are invited to ponder the mysteries of creation, life and death, and to explore images of God.  Working together on service and social outreach projects, our young people have occasion to reflect on ethical concerns and to strengthen personal values.  During the year of learning, worshipping, working and celebrating together, we form a youthful religious community that is a vital part of the larger community of The First Parish.

To register for church school, please click here.

Please complete these forms to finish the registration and return to Kathy Cronin, Acting Director of RE:

To download a copy the required Parent Agreement for all children, please click here

To download a copy of the Permission form and photo release, please click Permission Form and photo release

To download a copy of the Registration form for for children attending Childcare, please click here

To download the FPL safe church policies for children and youth, please click Safe Church Policies

2016-17 Strategic Plan

2016-17 Church School Brochure


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8th Grade

Our Whole Lives

First Parish in Lincoln is proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL) to our entering 8th grader students. OWL, developed through a partnership between the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association, is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. It models and teaches caring, compassion and respect while instilling the values of Self-Worth, Sexual Health, Responsibility, Justice and Inclusivity.